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Features - PDA Tools

PDA SupportThis user-friendly, handheld PDA bar code scanner allows you to perform a variety of inventory functions. With the press of a button, you can effortlessly scan items that have bar code labels produced in-house or the vendor's bar code. For distribution companies that want more control over their inventory, this is the perfect accessory to the Acu-Track software.

Acu-Track's PDA scanner features include . . .

  • Count your inventory cycle in three easy steps. Scan the item (or a bin label), key in the quantity in stock, then save the data.
  • Create purchase orders to suit your specific needs. Generate purchase orders by cruising bins for one vendor or multiple vendors. Simply scan items and enter the quantity you need. Purchase orders can then be automatically generated.
  • Cruise the showroom floor with a customer using this handheld PDA to place orders.  
  • Easy editing function allows all scanned items to be edited using normal Windows functions before information is sent to the Windows PC workstation.
  • Bar code scanner automatically does the work for you. Place the PDA in the charging cradle and the information is automatically synched to the workstation so it can be updated to the main server.

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