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Features - Sales Order Entry

Sales Order EntryEvery business desires to run smoothly. Overlooking an order that hasn't been shipped or billed can cause major problems, upset customers, and cause a profit loss. Acu-Track's frequently used open inquiry drill down feature checks open orders so you avoid such headaches.

Acu-Track provides easy viewing of open orders according to customer, salesman, and date. Each category in the summary screen has a drill down analysis capability, allowing you to view order details. Choosing the drill down by date option is particularly useful for finding overlooked orders. This feature also includes open order reports as well as order history with capable search tools for analysis.

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Acu-Track Features

-- Sales Order Entry
-- Inventory Management
-- Purchasing
-- Sales Analysis
-- Accounts Receivable
-- Accounts Payable
-- General Ledger
-- PDA Tools
-- Driving Tools

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