Acu-Track, Distribution Software
Distribution Software, Acu-Track

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Improve Sales & Performance
  • Cut Costs
  • Optimize Inventory Control


"We started using Acu-Track in January of 2008 and have already have noticed a 100% improvement in our stock control. The simplicity of the software makes it very user-friendly, and it has all the reports needed for our industry. CBSI tailored the program to serve our needs, and we are thrilled with the improvement Acu-Track software has made in the efficiency of our day-to-day operations.

We couldn't be happier with our choice to go with CBSI's Acu-Track software. The staff is so friendly, and if we have any questions or concerns, CBSI answers them quickly."


"George, thanks very much for all your help and your prompt reply. For some reason, I had the item part number in the bill of materials list. I made corrections based on your suggestions--without your help, I may have never caught the error. Thanks again."


"We’ve been using Acu-Track software since CBSI came out with it, and we couldn’t operate without it. We use Acu-Track in every facet of our business: inventory control, back orders, reorders, order entry, etc. There’s a lot of distributor software out there, but what sets Acu-Track software apart is it’s easy to customize to what you want and need. Greenville Industrial isn’t just a distributor - everyone in our business has to touch a product and make something out of it. We don’t just pull something off a shelf. Acu-Track software makes it extremely easy to make an assembly or do a nonstock special order."


"Thanks George for a very professional job once again on creating and implementing your latest version of Acu-Track computer software. We had great success with your last version for six years and we look forward to using this new version with all it's upgrades. We have been using this new version for two months now and we find it to be even better than the first one."


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Acu-Track Features

-- Sales Order Entry
-- Inventory Management
-- Purchasing
-- Sales Analysis
-- Accounts Receivable
-- Accounts Payable
-- General Ledger
-- PDA Tools
-- Driving Tools

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